Why the “Deeper Life” isn’t antinomian

Many people that misunderstand the deeper life try to accuse it’s adherents of being antinomian or of believing that there is no laws or rules, or that they believe that they don’t need to do anything or adhere to an moral laws whatsoever.

To the adherents of the deeper life, those accusations seem laughable, because most adherents aren’t wild maniac criminals and they aren’t lazy people sitting around doing nothing.

It is more typical to see deeper life adherents being very busy going around helping people, loving people, and showing people the love of God.

As some authors have noted, many critics that don’t understand the deeper life ideology of living by faith, mistakenly assume it means that they are a bunch of lazy people sitting around waiting for something to happen, but this is far from the truth.

The confusing point can be that the adherents of the deeper life don’t believe in living by good works on their own (as believers), but they do believe in following the leading of the Holy Spirit. So they may not believe in feeding the poor if the only motive is to go by a to-do list to get God to love us for fear that God will be mad at us and punish us. Deeper life adherents do believe in feeding the poor if you feel a nudge from the Holy Spirit to do so, or if the Holy Spirit puts joy &/or love in your heart to do so. It is merely the difference of whether a person is led by the Holy Spirit or led by their flesh (and self-effort) to do so.

Many Christians confuse the ideas of good Christian behavior (such as moral standards), and doing things to help others (actions or acts of service). So they assume that since a person didn’t feel led by the Holy Spirit to do something one day, that they must be rejecting all acts of kindness, and that they must be rejecting all moral standards, which is absurd.

I would say that many Christians also confuse the motives for why they might do good things for others (actions or acts of service).

I would say that many Christians also confuse the motives for why they might do good things for others. Some may do things out of a feeling of obligation to do things, or that if they don’t do some acts of service God will be mad at them and punish them. Other Christians might do good things for others because they felt a nudge from the Holy Spirit to do so, or they may sense that the Holy Spirit has put love and compassion in their heart to help others.

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I would also say, that, in my opinion, if people were truly antinomian, as some critics claim, then they would likely never do work such as getting a job, nor would they ever do the work to make a meal to eat. So, if drawn to its ultimate conclusion, these people would die of starvation in a short period of time, or they would rejected any moral law, and would likely turn to criminal behavior and end up in jail or some people would kill them for such outlandish behavior. So, this too seems silly and untrue. 

I would also add that it seems like some critics seem to refuse to trust the Holy Spirit to guide people, so they feel the need to have other people hammer things into others by their teachings, or they don’t trust the Holy Spirit to discipline people. So these critics can typically be seen in their groups speaking harsh words and carrying out very harsh discipline that they would never want brought against them in such harsh ways.

So, most critics seems to end up being hypocritical or 2 faced, and typically seem to be completely lacking in biblical love or the fruit of the Spirit. Thus Jesus commands to love fellow believers is left out, and the command to love our enemies is left out also. Thus the litmus test of the fruit of the Spirit is nearly thoroughly ignored by the critics, because if they paid attention to it, they would realize that they fail the litmus test, which shows that they are in actuality not following the Holy Spirit and thus aren’t following God.

So the accusation that deeper life adherents are antinomian seems highly unlikely, and seems to be a mean spirited, and baseless attack that is completely void of any merit.

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